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Antonchak and Balkcom Financial Services is independently owned and operated. We are not captive to any one company, product or service. We have no monthly quotas to meet or mandatory product to sell. This gives us the latitude to select from whatever insurance plan and investment program that is right for you. ALWAYS. 

Client Centered

We make it our mission to educate you about the financial industry; the good, the bad, and the ugly. You work hard for your money and we believe everyone, no matter how much or how little wealth they have accumulated, deserves fair and individual attention when seeking financial advice. This is why we require NO fee for our consultations, our periodic reviews, or any meeting requested by our clients.

Client Centered

We are committed to helping our clients pursue their long-term goals by addressing the needs that are specific to them. Our clients’ vision becomes our vision and we hold our client’s best interest at heart at all times.